Sunday, June 28, 2020

Petty Little Things.

I was driving back from KL today, at around 3.30pm, and I saw something so petty on Instagram, so oh so petty, but was it?

Was it petty that it made me sobbed hysterically whilst driving at 150km/h speed?

It was not one petty thing.

It was a few things I categorized as petty as a way to sooth myself and convince me that it doesn't need to be voiced out. I categorized them as petty things as a way to comfort myself, and tell myself, that what I was

Do you think what I am feeling right now is too much?
Am I expecting too much from a friend?
Am I feeling this way simply because of the feelings I have for you?
What I am expecting from you is ridiculous?

You didn't defend me at all when that thing happened.
You barely

I literally am at a loss of words.

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